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Beals Harbor & Pig Island Gut Dredging & Disposal Activities Notice NRPA/WQC #L-24687-4E-B-N



Update to Dredging Operations in Beals Harbor Anchorage and Pigs Island Gut Channels and Anchorage



Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Co., LLC has begun dredging activities for the USACE in both Beals Harbor Anchorage and Pig Island Gut Channels and Anchorage starting on November 29, 2016. The project is scheduled to be completed on or before April 8, 2017. All disposals of the removed material will occur within a 350 foot radius of the designated disposal coordinates located in the Mark Island Disposal Site. Vessels transiting to and from the Beals Harbor Anchorage located west of the Beals Island Bridge and Pigs Island Gut Channels and Anchorage will utilize the alternate haul route indicated on the map below. Vessels transiting to and from the work sites will utilize lanes wide enough to allow safe passage and maneuverability. Channels that are marked by navigational buoys will be fully utilized during transits to and from the project sites.

All concerned who have gear in the water that may be impacted from these operations are encouraged to remove or relocate their gear at their earliest convenience. Claims of damage to gear should be reported by phone to the Project Manager at 617-692-0992 between the hours of 08:00 and 17:00. Leave a message with your name, phone number and a brief synopsis of the issue.