A Note on World Fisheries Day from IFR President Pietro Parravano


The origin of World Fisheries Day occurred on the same day that an international fishermen’s organization was formed in New Dehli, India. The World Forum of Fish Harvesters & Fish Workers(WFF) was established on November 21, 1997. On that day, fishing representatives from 18 countries signed a declaration advocating for a global mandate of sustainable fishing practices and policies. The creation of WFF was founded on the common principles of sustaining the fishing communities, sustaining the fisheries, social justice, and preserving the cultural history of fish harvesters and fish workers.

Earth is covered by approximately 75% of Oceans.

Their vastness offer all living species with a multitude of blessings, bounty and life. At times, we are perplexed by the ongoing goodness of this liquid that we call the Oceans. We take for granted this mystique. There are many historical references to this mystique that are documented in the Bible, cultures, society, politics and humanity.

World Fisheries Day is rooted in this mystique. It celebrates the vast assortment of connections that are defined by the Oceans. The celebration of World Fisheries Day verifies the diversity of the fishermen that bring us the bounty of the Oceans. The universal language of the fishermen is communicated to us when their harvest is brought to our tables. Their language is heard by all societies around the world. It becomes imbedded in our culinary senses. Its level of appreciation grows with each bite. Its understanding grows with each article we read or each illustration we see. It becomes a source for education, appreciation and knowledge.

The continuance of this celebration for WorldFisheries Day depends upon your support and acknowledgement. Each time you see a fish, eat a fish or think like a fish, you are connecting to the oceans and their ecosystems. You are also connecting to the fisherman that brought you that fish. Each fisherman faces many challenges as they go to work on the Oceans. Their success is dependent on your support and bountiful Oceans.

World Fisheries Day is a day that raises our appreciation for the fish, the Oceans and the fishermen. It is a unique celebration.