The Wha’, Huh and Ya? –
February Factoids


1. Percent of residential properties in U.S. in 100-year flood zones that lack flood insurance: 69

2. U.S. bridges that the Transportation Department deemed to be in “poor” condition: 14%

3. Daily U.S. bridge traffic that is over “poor” bridges: 21%

4. Percentage of judges working in New York State who do not have law degrees: 38

5. Pet-custody cases in U.S. that involve dogs: 96%

6. That involve cats: 1%

7. EPA Superfund sites where cleanup cost are paid entirely by taxpayers: 3 out of 10

8. Year bison last seen in Germany before a sighting in September 2017: 1755

9. Estimated time after sighting that the bison was killed by a local hunter: 5 hours

10. Since October 2014 the number of complaints about rats in Washington, D.C. has increased by 64%

11. Amount taxpayers spent in 2013 on food stamps, Medicaid, and housing assistance for Walmart employees : $6,200,000,000

12. Estimated portion of total food stamps that are spent at Walmart: 1 out of 5

13. Amount Pentagon spent on forest-pattern uniforms for the Afghan National Army: $94,000,000

14. Percentage of Afghanistan that is covered in forest: 2

15. Percentage change in length of time someone can withstand pain if they use profanity: +34

16. Value of military equipment given by the Pentagon to a fictitious law enforcement agency created by the Government Accountability Office: $1,200,000

17. Portion of part-time college faculty in the U.S. who receive public assistance: 1 out of 4

18. Poverty rate has grown faster in U.S. suburbs than in cities since 1990 by a factor of 2

19. Amount North Korea owes New York City in Parking tickets: $152,505

20. Number of U.S. States that have reported teacher shortages since 2005: 50