Richard Stanley

The Solution Boat




Richard Stanley has completed the traditional plank on frame lower half of the first wooden hull with a custom fiberglass top at his Bass Harbor shop. The fiberglass top will take the fresh water and sun better than the traditional wooden top and protect the wood hull below from the same. The 38' boat is being built for commercial use in Portland, Maine. Stanley’s new Bass Harbor shop has several projects underway this winter, but the “Solution Boat” project, as it is known, is taking center stage. Breaking the taboos of both wood and fiberglass boat purists to combine the best of both was no struggle for Stanley. Combining the stable and steady ride of the wooden hull with the light and elements resistant fiberglass top was a no brainer for him. This photograph, taken in mid February, shows the hull ready for floors and deck beams before the fiberglass top goes on. Stand by.